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Here are a few pics of my collections, well some of them.


Above is just a few of my treasured tins, I did do a big declutter during our move, so the collection is half of what it used to be. On the next two shelves are some of the blue and white bits, the middle shelf is just stuff I’ve bought, the bottom shelf on the left the tea set there belonged to my grandmothers sister, the candle holders in the middle were a gift from my girls when they were little and the tea set on the right I made when I went through my ‘ceramic’ phase….lol


Just a few more of my tins. The glasses are not part of a collection although the coloured glasses 2nd set from right belonged to my grandparents, they are such a fine glass that I don’t use them and one or two are chipped, but they are pretty and have much sentimental value that I can’t part with them.


Now, the lady I mentioned in my last post that is decluttering 365 things in 365 days, I’ll call her Judy, tehe….. Well in her decluttering she wanted rid of these beautiful blue mugs and as I have a thing for blue and white and Spode being amongst my favourite how the heck could I say no…lol    So I rehomed her collection for her. The next shelf has a few of my china plates and cup, saucer and bread plate collection. The china plate collection started when we were offering morning and afternoon teas when bus groups visited our quilt shop and I wanted something pretty to serve up cake and biscuits on. Of course I still love them even though I don’t have the shop anymore. I guess one day when I’m gone the kids will have a massive garage sale and they’ll sell for a $1 each. On the left you can spy just a couple of my pewter thimbles.

Bye for now.





My collections

Wow, glad I’m not the only one

Well, my first blog has had a wonderful amount of feed back and it appears I’m not the only obsessed person out there. I’ll give the previous post a week before I let you know what gets collected but there is one stand out one for being the most ‘original’ as a collection, one I’ve never, ever heard of before. For the largest collection we’re going to need photos as proof, before we can judge that one, just a shot I know you can’t photograph a complete collection, but I would love to see some photos from everyone on my FaceBook page.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA I also forgot to mention my tin collection, of which has been decluttered for our move. This is part of my blue/white come teapot collection.

We’ve had an interesting week here with the fires seemingly surrounding us. Lucky for us they were quite a few kilometres away, but not so lucky for those close to the action. Our CFS are totally amazing, the time and effort they put in to protecting their community, they are our unsung heroes. So now the heat of 40+ degrees has passed and life is getting back to some normality. Meaning the dogs spend a ‘little’ bit more time outside, we can go for a walk and work in the garden. I guess if you’re in the Northern hemisphere you can’t get out because it’s way too cold and the snow and ice cause problems of their own. I think I’d rather have the heat (a) because you can always cool down somehow and (b) it doesn’t last too long. We do live in a very lucky country, with mild winters and summers that don’t see extreme temperatures last too long, although the heat when it comes is ridiculously high. Last week I saw on FaceBook where a lady made some cake mix up and poured it into a muffin tray and sat it in her car, she cooked them in the car, they came out thoroughly cooked, although not nicely browned like you’d get in an oven, but cooked through all the same. It just makes you realise what a horrible death some children and animals have gone through when left in a hot vehicle.

We left extra bowls and buckets of water out for the wild life and topped them up a couple of times a day so the water was cool for them to drink. The bird baths were very busy all day.

My last post on collections as I said was well received and I remembered afterwards of another couple of collections that I had. Being my Christmas decorations, my magazines, both quilting and home décor and buttons (most of which were from my grandmother and probably for her mother before her, I used to play with them as a child and have never let them go). My magazine collection has been decluttered since moving. Pity I didn’t have time to do it before we moved, I probably could have got away with one less trailer load to

Another ‘collection’ that people probably have these days and don’t even realise it’s a ‘collection’ is their boards on Pinterest. I know my account has collections of garden ideas, decorating ideas, all sorts of stuff AND it doesn’t take up any room in our home. I just love going on there, but I do have to curb the amount of time as you can get swallowed up and productive time is ‘lost’.

I’ve also curbed the amount of time I spend of FaceBook, I feel that it became a real addiction. Now I just check in when I check my emails, which is 3 times a day. I read what everybody has been up to, make a few comments or post something on our business page and get off again. I was also addicted to those darn games, but have broken the cycle as it too saw much wasted time, time I could be stitching etc. What did we do before FaceBook came along? It has to be the most successful waste of time ever.

I have a wonderful friend who is decluttering her home, unfortunately a lot of her ‘decluttered’ goods in the past have found their way here. Luckily now we’ve moved it’s not so easy for me to ‘rehome’ her stuff for her….lol We’ve had a great relationship with our collections over the years. We’ve ‘borrowed’ each others stuff. I still have a little pine cupboard here, it belongs to her and she can have it back anytime, but for now it has a useful purpose and a home. My friend is decluttering 365 things in 365 days. Now that takes strength my friends. I guess I could do it if I tried. I’d be getting rid of that bar of soap someone gave me 20 years ago, that still ‘looks’ pretty, but I’ve never used and it never sees the light of day. Clothes I’ve kept for ‘when’ I lose weight. Get real lady, when is that going to happen? But I still keep them, just in case, you never know when you might contract a bout of gastro and you lose a couple of kilos…..

In reading my post, I believe I’m a hoarder! My house doesn’t look like those you see on TV where there’s stuff everywhere and you can’t see the floor for stuff, but I do have one room that’s almost impossible to walk into. I dumped my craft stuff in there when we moved in and haven’t really gone back in the room since. OMG I think I’m a hoarder….lol Maybe I’ll get my 15mins of fame one day on that Hoarders show. I would love one of those TV shows to come in and redecorate for me. You know the ones that come in and do magnificent things with your back yard and turn your kitchen into something that you see in one of the many magazines I have stashed away. Jamie Durie if you’re reading this my address is……6 Bu… In my dreams.

Well speaking of dreams I think I need a nanna nap. Don’t know what it is of late (and if anyone says old age I’ll jump on you….lol) but I get up from a full nights sleep and still feel tired. Do a bit, then feel like I’m going to collapse with exhaustion, it’s like I’ve run a marathon, although I don’t even drive that far these days. So nanna nap time it is.

Keep in touch, I’ll check back in a couple of days to see how our ‘collections’ are going. I’ll post what people are collecting so you can chose the winner, but as I said there is one stand out, unusual one that I think you’ll all vote for. So we’d better start looking for the largest collection as another winner.

Cheers for now.


Hello world! Let’s talk about collections, and I don’t mean the ones they take up in Church.

To anyone who’s reading, hi there! I don’t know what amazingly stupid things I’m going to say, do or show you…but life’s fun and it’s short so let’s get started.

I’m a true believer of following your dreams. Once upon a time I would have said its all rubbish, but having faced death at the tender of 20, I started looking a life a whole lot differently. I had a ‘dream’ back then of opening a shop so I could easily access all the cross stitch threads heaven could give me. I think I was destined to own and operate a shop actually as my Grandfather made me a cubby house when I was about 7 or 8 and the first thing I did was set up a ‘shop’ and Nanny and Parpy (what I called my Grandfather) had to come shopping. I had old containers, cigarette packets (yeah you wouldn’t catch a 7 year old selling you ciggies nowadays….lol) I had old milk bottles and cardboard boxes galore. I had a seating area where one could sit a sip tea….. I was way ahead of my time. I don’t think I ever got sick of playing shops. But my mother and I moved to Adelaide so the cubby was left behind. I never got to see it again as my grandparents sold up and moved to Adelaide within the next 12 months and I think my ‘cubby’ became the next owners tool shed. I think this shop was what started this little individual on the road for collecting ‘things’ both pretty and unpractical, cute and totally useless.

I made that cubby a two storey shop by getting my grandfathers ladder and climbing up on the roof (which was flat), which also meant I could sit on top of the neighbours shed roof. Good grief Charlie Brown, if kids did that these days mothers would be having conniptions! But I never ever fell off or broke a limb.

My cross stitch love started at school, when we did what I now know as Chicken Scratch. A cross stitch done on gingham fabric. My mum had made me a little apron (to wear in the shop) and I had done chicken scratch on the base of it and on the pocket. Wish I’d kept it now. I’m one of those eager beavers…if you have no use for it, donate it or chuck it. I don’t know how many treasures I’ve ditched over the years that I would just love to have now. So now I’m a little careful on what goes and what stays when I’m in a declutter mood. I should seriously look at my collections though. We’ve downsized our house (but upsized our shed….lol) so storage of such collections is not a problem.

I’ve always been a ‘collector’. As a young girl I collected stamps and marbles, especially blue ones. I’ve always loved blue and white anything. I’m sure I’m a reincarnated bower bird or magpie as I love all things that glitter.

Moving from McLaren Flat to the Riverland saw my stamp collection finally go. I’d hung on and hung on. Our youngest daughter showed a little interest when she was younger, but that soon passed. So on moving I donated the whole lock, stock and barrel to a local charity. I have no idea where the marbles ended up, I remember having them at school in Year 6 and 7 as I traded them with the other kids, but I guess High School probably hit the marble game on the head.

I still have so much ‘stuff’ though. I’ve collected bears, so there are bears in just about every room and some stuffed cupboards. Darren says ditch them, but they’re so cute, I just don’t have the heart. Having had a gift shop/fabric store I’ve managed to collect quite a bit of china etc.

My blue and white collection just had to stop as there was nowhere else to put things, I have gone through prior to moving and been brutal and only kept the very best or most sentimental of my collection. I think this collection started as my grandmother had a set of serving dishes which I still have today, the set also had a matching gravy boat, the handle broke prior to me pinching it after Nanny’s death, but I still have it on display.

Before I had the shop I did a LOT of cross stitching, so I also have a ‘collection’ of cross stitch patterns and kits, I have loads of finished work most of which are framed luckily as  I live with a picture framer, but of course, like the plumber who has a leaky tap, my picture framer still has a lot of catching up to do! Of course I also have ALL the threads to go with that collection.

Then I was introduced to quilting! OMG a collectors heaven, there are so many bits and pieces you can collect as a quilter. So I also have a huge collection of patchwork books and patterns and OMG the ‘stash’! Boxes and boxes of scraps, fat quarters and kits of which I would have to live until I turn 3oo to use it all.

I’ve also collected thimbles, I wont part with these and they don’t take up a lot of room anyway and they all have meaning to me. Customers have bought some for me on their travels, I’ve bought some, but they have mostly come from second hand and antique stores.

I’ve also started a collection of Cocker Spaniels….lol but Darren wont let me add to this collection, two’s enough he says. They are the loves of my life, well apart from Darren, my kids, grandkids and my Mum… But they’re up there.

Quilts, well there’s a collection of them. Again Darren says sell them. But so much time, effort and love have gone into them I just can’t part with them.

Country style trinkets. Our original ‘home’ in Woodcroft, SA was decorated in a very ‘country’ style with chooks and cows, country pictures and sayings. I’ve still got them but haven’t put them out in this home…..yet. I am trying to restrain from too much clutter. I have sold some of this stuff in Garage Sales etc. but there are a few signs like ‘the kids were allergic to the dogs, so I got rid of the kids’ and on the laundry door a sign that says ‘Drop you pants here’. Just can’t resist quirky little things like that.

I think that’s it, I think that’s all of my collections. Oh, I just remembered I did go through a faze of scrapbooking so there’s a rather large box of papers, stamps and bits and pieces.

I’m feeling quite ashamed now….lol. I think 2014 should be the year of sorting out my crap… I seriously don’t need all this stuff.

What collections do you have? I know of another thimble collector and a lady who collects egg cups. Just about every quilter I know collects fabric and I know of other scrap bookers including our youngest daughter who collect papers and stamps, but as she is a consultant for a scrap booking company she’s allowed AND she actually uses her collection… there’s a novel idea.

I think we need to have a competition and I’ll give a prize for the most unusual collection voted by all who enter and another prize for the largest collection. So I’ll need photo’s and you can post them on our Face Book page. In the next couple of days I’ll take some photos of my ‘stuff’.

Signing off for now, keep cool (or warm for our Northern Hemisphere followers)


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